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"A good friend encouraged me to go to see Kajal. I was desperate to lose weight and feel better. At my consultation, Kajal validated all the things I was feeling and gave good explanations as to why I was feeling the way that I was. Within just a few weeks of starting the program, I started to eat better and feel more like myself! I learned a lot about some of the foods I was eating and what they were doing to my body. I began to feel better! My skin brightened up, my dark circles started to get lighter, and I had actual energy and motivation. And I was a lot nicer to my husband! I was able to kick the sugar addiction and make healthier food choices. I could feel my body thanking me and releasing inflammation. My rounded face started to thin out, and I eventually started releasing weight slowly and healthily! I lost 15 pounds and have kept it off! Something I hadn't been able to do in years. My family, who live out of state, began to comment on how much better I looked and sounded via FaceTime! My mom said, "My daughter is back!"

Jennifer G.
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