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Nutrition Response Testing
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Nutrition Response Testing

As Kajal Patel MSACN is using Nutrition Response Testing®, she is testing your body’s neurological reflexes. These reflexes are the nervous system’s way of telling her what and how your organs and other body systems are doing because the nervous system regulates the body’s functions for each organ. The testing includes all organs, glands, joints, muscles, and the entire body.

Heart Sound Recorder

The Heart Sound Recorder is a computer-based low-risk general wellness monitor that gathers, displays, records, and stores heart sounds using the auscultation method.

PEMF Mat Sessions

PEMF Mat Session can help with the following: Decrease pain Reduce stress in the body Faster healing of soft tissue Reduce inflammation and swelling Faster functional recovery Improve ability to rejuvenate cells Improve immune response

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is a way to support patients through their lifestyle journey. There are resources for weight loss, improving sleep, nutrition, and much more.

Ionic Detox Footpaths

The low voltage from the ionizing machine charges the molecules in the water. The charged atoms attract neutralized negative poisons in the body. Some benefits include: Increasing energy, boosting the immune system, relieving pain, and improving sleep

Grocery Shopping Consultations

Grocery Shopping Consultations is a scheduled event with Kajal. This service offers information about the best food options to live a healthy lifestyle.

Grocery Shopping Consultation 3

"Since starting the program, I noticed a huge increase  in my energy, a drastic change in my mood, and feel  motivated again. My fatigue is gone! My anxiety is  almost 100% gone and I have my social life back!  Thank God for Kajal's guidance and resources!" 

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