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The entire body is connected through energy flow. The energy can be disrupted if there is a weakness in a particular area. A practitioner will conduct a full body scan to assess each reflex area, organ, gland, tissue, etc... by contacting your extended arm with one hand and reflex area with the other hand.  This technique will allow the practitioner to assess for strengths and weaknesses in the body.  

We directly test the reflexes on the body's surface, so results are fast and accurate. We do not need expensive machines, medications, surgery, needles or laboratory tests to conduct this type of test. You will be given a consultation with findings of your results along with an individualized nutritional program based on your body's needs.

In at Svast Nutrition, we provide Nutrition Response Testing SM, a non-invasive, precise, and accurate way of testing your body's nutritional needs.  Once the results are analyzed by the practitioner, we create a designed clinical health program that gets to the core of your health concerns.


Nutrition Response TestingSM is a non-invasive way of testing the body to determine the underlying causes of health challenges. This clinically proven system enables the body to prioritize the body’s needs. In return, the body will handle its needs through nutrition from nutrient dense foods and whole food supplements.

The body has the ability to heal itself when it is nourished through nutrition.

What is Nutrition Response SM Testing?

In a full body scan, we are testing your body's neurological reflexes. These reflexes are tested on the surface of the body.   They are the body's way of telling us what your body needs and how your nervous system is functioning, which is responsible for regulating the body's functions.

What are we testing?

How do we get the body's "reflex" information?

Chronic health problems develop over a long period of time (months to years), through improper eating habits (which causes most deficiencies and imbalances), and environmental influences (pollution, toxins, chemicals). The sooner you implement your program, the sooner you’ll start to notice improvements. If you continue those same habits that contributed to your current condition, your body's condition will not improve. Full commitment to your program is necessary.

How do we get the body's "reflex" information?

Will Nutrition Response Testing SM help me?

Our experience from a variety of cases tells us that we must determine whether or not you are a "Nutrition Response TestingSM Case". When a person is not a "Nutrition Response TestingSM Case" he is unlikely to be helped through Nutrition Response TestingSM. However, if you are a "Nutrition Response TestingSM Case", we believe that nothing else will help you more.

Once this is determined, you will be placed on a designed clinical nutrition program.  We will continue to monitor your progress and adjust your program as we get to the core of the health challenges throughout your program.


“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”

-Spanish Proverb

“One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition.  It’s a substitution of artificial therapy over natural, of poisons over food, in which we are feeding people poison in trying to correct the reaction of starvation.”

-Dr. Royal Lee (Jan. 12, 1959)