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Here’s what patients are saying…

“I was very tired in class.  I would say that halfway through the class I would lose focus and wander elsewhere.  I also felt bloated.  Last but not least, I would have memory loss, or forget things fairly quickly. I am less bloated.  I have a lot more focus in class.  I have started noticing that I have been getting less and less sleepy during class. My memory has become a lot sharper since I started this program.” -B.W. Age 13

“I’m not lazy anymore.  And I can concentrate at school!”
-SW age 11

“Before my son started the program, he had trouble sitting in his seat.  He rushed through his school work or did not finish assignments.  Teachers were concerned, but I did not want to put my son on medicine.  Now he is able to slow down and focus.  His attention has improved!” -AP age 8 (son)

“My 5-month-old daughter was on soy formula, had irregular bowel movements, gas, and pain.  Now, she has daily bowel movements, no gas, and no pain.”
-BV age 5 months old (daughter)

“Health is not simply the absence of sickness.”

-Hannah Green

Children & Health