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Testimony 1 - HORMONES

Testimony 2 - PAIN

Testimony 3 - PAIN

Thyroid Issues

“I used to be tired, anxious, and bloated.  I have been the same weight since before my 2nd child was born (almost 10 years ago).  I’m on thyroid medication and was foggy-headed.  I also had headaches during my monthly cycles.  Kajal has taught me how change my eating habits.  The supplements and healthier eating have made me feel like myself again.  I don’t feel restless, think clearly, and lost weight.  BEST OF ALL, I had blood work done by my MD, and they are lowering my thyroid medication doses.  Even the headaches during my cycle are gone.  ” -J.N. Age 38

Anxiety/Type I Diabetes/Underweight/Chronic Illnesses

“I was constantly sick with sinus infections, allergies, and ear infections.  I had severe mood swings and anxiety attacks.  My diabetes and blood sugars were out of control.  I was extremely underweight. After starting the program, I haven’t even been sick in months.  No depression.  No anxiety.  No mood swings.  My A1C has stabilized at 6.8.  It used to be as high as 14.5.  I have regained a healthy weight, and I have so much more energy to complete tasks that I could not before.  I am able to go to the gym now, and I’m able to concentrate in coursework and get through college without panic attacks. I love it!” -M.M. Age 23

"I used to feel tired and sluggish. I felt frequent sinus pressure, mood swings, and did not heal quickly. I have more energy. And I feel more centered. I'm sleeping better and have less sinus pressure." -J.B. age 45

“I was anxious, tired, irritable, fatigue, and sad.  I was all around not happy.  I thought I would feel awful for the rest of my life.  I was down and negative all the time. I am so happy now.  Things that would upset me and make me anxious and irritable do not bother me anymore.  I feel motivated, and I enjoy life so much more. Thank you for helping me feel “normal”.  I like myself for the first time in a very long time.”
-J.N. Age 24


"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."