…help you achieve a healthy and quality lifestyle through nutrition!


Kajal Patel, CNC

Certified Nutritional Consultant

Kajal Patel, CNC, Owner is a graduate of the Advanced Clinical Training program of Nutrition Response TestingSM. This makes her one of only 594 masters of the technique in the country. For five years, she has been helping middle Georgia families improve their health through whole foods and nutrition.  She has helped her community improve hormone function, handle stress and fatigue, lose healthy weight, and improve gut health.  Kajal studied at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California. She did her graduate studies in Special Education at the George Washington University where she was on scholarship with the Literacy Collaborative Program.  Not only is she an Advanced Nutrition Response TestingSM Practitioner, but she was a successful Special Educator who focused on intervention and nutrition from a holistic approach.  She has thirteen years of experience in helping kids and adults with special needs through nutrition.

When Kajal is not at Svast Nutrition, she practices yoga, sings professionally, and spends time with her husband, Saurabh, and their kids, Karthik and Sanaa. As a mother and wife, she knows how important it is to be healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. “If the body is fueled with good nutrition, it has the ability to heal and function. I believe that you will be better equipped to handle daily stress, stay healthy, look great, and enjoy life if you have proper nutrition”, says Kajal.


Our mission is to help you achieve a healthy and quality lifestyle through nutrition. We want you to take control of your health by healing your body naturally.


Kajal Patel’s graduation from the RTCM program with Dr. Freddie Ulan (November 2017)

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